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Before & After

Before & Afters

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The fact that Makeup is truly an art is seen in the mixing of mediums and textures, highlighting and contouring. You come to realize that it is just as artistic to unveil beauty by using makeup in a way that is virtually undetectable as it is to blatantly use makeup to change character.

Like fashion, makeup and skincare technology and trends are ever changing. I bring over 16 years experience as a licensed cosmetologist into my Makeup Art. I can help you interpret the trends into what works for you and your lifestyle, young or mature. I can help you decipher what new cosmetic technology means for your personal circumstances.

Beauty is a powerful thing. Though cosmetic beauty is only skin deep it gives you the confidence to show your inner beauty to the world. Feeling beautiful knows no bounds!

For all inquiries and comments, email Cici at
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In addition to working with many wonderful individuals, I also work with local businesses and salons including:

Blush and Brushes LLC

Envy Makeovers

Debbie McGowan for Motives Cosmetics

Olive Blush

Sheila E's Dance Demensions

Amavi Salon for AVF Hair and Fashion Show
(Philadelphia, PA)

Amavi Salon

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Thanks for doing my lashes everyone said they looked natural!
Pam S

Wow! Your website is really nice. Looking forward to you doing my makeup!
Carla P

My hairdresser said she really liked the way you did my lashes. She liked that they looked so natural!
Jocelyn W

Your site looks beautiful
Bethanne G

Thank you for teaching me how to wear makeup
Ashyana F

I loved your model. I'm going to copy and put my work on my page too!
Abby D

I loved my look, thank you!
Renne B

Thanks you for doing Angie's makeup, she looked beautiful!
Gene S

Awesome job!
Christy J